Quick Cremation Facts and FAQs



Losing a pet can be a heartbreaking experience. When determining the final resting place for your beloved pet, cremation may be your decision. It is important to know what this process actually means, and this article provides a quick look at how cremation works.

Crematory: An establishment that has the appropriate technology and licensing for pet cremation. Typically, crematories are located in funeral homes or within cemeteries.

Cremator: An industrial furnace with a cremation compartment (also called a retort).

Cremation: The process of applying intense heat to reduce the body to skeletal remains.

Cremains: The cremated remains or ashes that result from cremation. Typically, pet ashes/cremains are placed in an urn, scattered in nature or used in other memorial methods as well.

Cremation Urn: A container to hold cremated remains/pet ashes. Urns can be kept at home, placed in a columbarium or mausoleum, buried at a pet cemetery or buried in the ground.

Keepsake Urn: A smaller container to hold a limited amount of cremated remains. Some families choose to scatter most of the cremated remains and keep a small amount in a keepsake urn. Also, some families choose to divide up their pet’s ashes in smaller urns, allowing multiple family members each have a keepsake in their home.


Pet Cremation FAQs:

Which urns from A Pet’s Life® can be buried?

Any of the urns on A Pet’s Life® can technically be buried, although there are reasons why one urn would be better than others for burial. If you are burying the urn at a pet cemetery, you will most likely need to purchase an urn vault, which is a container that holds the cremation urn. This urn vault helps keep the urn secure in the ground and helps protect the cremation urn from the natural elements. If you are burying the urn on your personal property, please know that all of the products on A Pet’s Life® will naturally weather over time if buried outdoors. Ceramic, Marble and MDF products may crack or break if buried, and Brass and Alloy products will naturally weather and may tarnish.

How do I find a pet crematory in my area?

There are three resources to consider when locating a pet crematory: your friends/family, your veterinarian, or using a pet loss/cremation association. 

What are my memorial options? (source: IAOPCC)

Burial in a pet cemetery: Options vary but may include private or communal burial services.  Range of services and pricing widely varies depending upon your preferences.

Mausoleum burial is where a pet casket is placed in a crypt.   This is more expensive and not available in every pet cemetery.

Cremation services are offered both on an individual or a group basis.  Costs may vary.

Home Burial varies depending upon the regulations in your area.  Pet caskets and memorial markers are usually available for home burial from a pet cemetery.

Please contact your veterinarian or local pet crematory for more information. 

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