Cremation Urns for Big Dogs, Large Pets or Multiple Pets

Choosing a cremation urn for your pet should not be a confusing process. This article is intended to further help those looking for a specific type of pet urn to hold the ashes (cremains) of their beloved pet.

A Pet’s Life® offers a nice selection of large pet cremation urns perfect for:

  • Large dogs
  • Large pets
  • Holding multiple cats
  • Holding multiple small pets

***click the photos below to view the individual product pages***

Marble Pet Cremation Urns

  • for pets weighing 90 pounds or less

APL0211S Desert Sand Marble Small Pet Cremation Urn APL0210S Waterfall Marble Small Pet Cremation Urn

MDF Pet Cremation Urns

  • Box (for pets 120 pounds or less) 
  • Photo (for pets 195 pounds or less)

APL0200M Honeynut MDF Box Medium Pet Cremation Urn APL0201L MDF Photo Urn - Large Honeynut Engraved Pet Cremation Urn

 Brass Pet Cremation Urns

  • for pets weighing 195 pounds or less

APL0011L Brass Paw Print - Brown Large Pet Cremation Urn APL0010L Blue Paw Print Large Pet Cremation Urn

Ceramic Pet Cremation Urns

  • for pets weighing 120 pounds or less

APL0215S Blue Ceramic Paw Print Small Pet Cremation Urn APL0216S Red Ceramic Paw Print Small Pet Cremation Urn

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A Pet's Life Honeynut Personalized Photo Frames

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