Top 5 Cat Blogs and Bloggers (that you should follow!)

Written by: Holly, A Pet’s Life

Writing a blog is such a fun activity. Many write a blog for a variety of reasons:

  • Stay in touch with family and friends
  • Keep track of important life events
  • Join a community of other bloggers
  • Share information with readers
  • A creative outlet

I started the blog for A Pet’s Life in order to be present in the pet blogger community, to share information with others and to keep track of important life events/information. When the kittens joined my life back in November they quickly became a focal point of the blog. Readers wanted to know more about them and we have received so many comments and emails from subscribers that have enjoyed learning more about them. Finding good blogs to follow is not hard – there are so many pet blogs and there are so many good ones!

I wanted to highlight the Top 5 Cat Blogs/Bloggers that you should definitely follow. I would also love some suggestions from you as well! For now, let me know what Cat Blogs you like to follow, and next week I will follow up with YOUR list of Top Cat Blogs. Here we go!

Top 5 Cat Blog and Blogger List

1. Mousebreath is an online lifestyle magazine by cats, for cats, kittens and cat lovers.

Mousebreath offers a variety of material, including product reviews, news releases, adorable photographs, product giveaways, cat arts and crafts, an advice column and “crazy cat lady” product photographs. With plenty of information and articles available, it is easy to spend a ridiculous amount of time on Mousebreath.

2. Glogirly Tails of Two Cats and their Girl

Glogirly (the girl behind the blog) and her two cats Katie and Waffles are the stars of this hilarious blog. According to the website Katie is the “boss” and Waffles is the “brat”.  Blog posts feature smart writing and beautiful photographs of the cats. Sometimes a little photoshop makes an appearance and only adds to the humor and whimsical nature of the blog. We also love that Glogirly is a Minnesotan blog (just like us!)

3. Cat Food Breath Furry. Feline. Fabulous.

Cat Food Breath is one of the first cat bloggers that we followed on Twitter. CFB is hilarious. That is all you need to know! CFB often holds giveaways for treasures that have been swatted underneath the sofa :) Currently the blog showcases rules for a “couch marathon”.

4. The Cat on My Head This is a website for the cat lover, whether crazy cat lady or man, frenzied feline fancier or just an admirer of the many and varied cat breeds.

Janet writes this blog which features her 8 cats! She is not ashamed to be a crazy cat lady :) Her photographs are beautiful and her writing makes you feel right at home.

5. Romeo the Cat Rascally boys raising money for rescues.

Romeo, Pugsley and their 2 “creatures” write this cat humor blog and have raised $70,000 for pets in need as well! Romeo has 18,000 Twitter followers – check him out!

Again, there are numerous Cat Blogs and I would love to know your favorites! Leave a comment below.

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25 thoughts on “Top 5 Cat Blogs and Bloggers (that you should follow!)

  1. Tux the Dapper Gent

    You should definitely check out my blog and add it to your list: I’m a dapper male tuxedo cat that likes to post selfies and talk about the latest in pet products (and my mom insists on posting about cat clothes and accessories for humans). Thanks! Tux

  2. Jenny

    Not technically a blog, but Animal Planet has a pretty cool social media contest for My Cat From Hell. You can win prizes for helping to share exclusive content from the show.

  3. Kitties Blue

    I was searching something Cat-Related on Google and found this. I decided to check it out to see if I was following the Top 5 cat blogs, and discovered I was on your list. Did I know this and forgot? I don’t think so. Thank you, thank you. I am shocked and filled with gratitude. Hugs, Janet…The Cat on My Head.

  4. CBWP

    We wanted to introduce our website to your visitors — — a User-created community around identifying cat breeds. The pictures submitted to us are used to drive and build the breeds directory.

    We are also gathering nominees for 101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015, a variety of the most interesting cats to follow on IG. If you have a cat on Instagram, come nominate. We will be closing nominations soon!

    Thank you!


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