Monday Mischief: TSA Cats

Before going on vacation, no matter how short, the cats have to inspect our bags. They all take turns sniffing the bags, and here you can see Yoda testing to see if our luggage can handle pressure or weight.

suitcase 2

“Oh me? I’m not doing anything here…” *whistling*

suitcase 1


They seem to know when we are packing for a weekend trip – do your pets do this as well? It is amazing how intuitive they are at times. Their facial expressions and body language seem to show that they know we are about to leave

And when we returned home this weekend the boys were not happy :( Even though my mother-in-law checked on them twice per day to play with them and make sure they had food/water, they were unhappy that we had left them in the first place.

Leaving them is tough but coming home to them is so much fun :) I love seeing their furry faces as soon as I walk in the door.