Eat This, Not That: a primer on edible pet health hazards

Although my cats have (thankfully!) never needed vet assistance after ingesting something poisonous, we have spent plenty of money on vet bills. Yoda broke his leg earlier this year and Snowy Bear just underwent surgery for his ectopic ureter. Those high vet bills makes me want to be extra sure that we are taking any precautions necessary to avoid further high vet costs. One thing I have been concerned with in the past is making sure our boys don’t eat anything they shouldn’t.

Pet Plan Pet Insurance has created a wonderful, colorful guide containing information about pet health hazards. The entire guide offers tons of information on what pets can eat and what they absolutely shouldn’t eat. The guide has four chapters:

Chapter 1: Bone-appetit

  • Did you know the average claim cost for ‘foreign body ingestion’ (AKA when your dog eats a sock or your cat eats some string) is $1394? Check out this list of good “people foods” dogs and cats can eat (and notice things like underwear and brushes are not ok!) :)  

Eat This 1


  • Bone-appetit also includes information about seasonal items to look out for, such as turkey bones on Thanksgiving or tinsel near Christmas. 

Chapter 2: Household Hazards

  • Another danger for your pets is accidental poisoning. This includes ingesting prescription drugs, poisonous plants, food or garage liquids like anti-freeze. You can view a separate Pet Poison Awareness Infographic from Pet Plan as well. 

Chapter 3: Seasonal Hazards

  • Seasonal hazards include: plants in the Spring, sand and stones from playing at the beach in the Summer, eating compost in the Fall, or eating holiday ornaments in the Winter. Be sure to know what items need to be out of your pet’s reach. 

Chapter 4: Signs & Symptoms

  • Signs & Symptoms provides numerous signs to look for: heavy drooling, sudden weakness, excessive thirst, dilated eyes, etc. Contact your vet if you see any of these signs.
  • Create a Pet First Aid Kit and consider taking a class with the American Red Cross. Preparing in advance can help you be ready for pet accidents and injuries you never saw coming. 

Access the full Pet Plan Pet Insurance “Eat This, Not That” Guide.


Tuesday’s Tails: Adopt Maggie!

Tuesday’s Tails is all about sharing adoptable pets. Since October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, we’ve been focusing on adoptable dogs!

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Meet Maggie!

Maggie 3

Maggie is 2 years old and weighs 76 pounds. She came to Second Chance Animal Rescue in White Bear Lake, Minnesota as a stray. She is a really nice dog – always happy, tail always wagging. She gets along well with everyone she meets. She does great living with the resident lab and has done well with the other dogs she has met. Maggie MUST have a dog companion in her adoptive home. She tends to cry when she is alone. If you have a cat, keep the litter box out of Maggie’s reach :)

Maggie 2

She has done well with the kids she has met. She is very responsive to her person and already understands “treat”, “time to eat”, “want to go out”, “no” and she has learned her name. Maggie is at a great age for obedience training and would certainly help boost her confidence. She hasn’t had much leash work.

Maggie has been spayed, heartworm tested negative and is current on distemper and rabies vaccinations. Maggie is microchipped and registration is with Second Chance. Call 651-771-5662 if you would like to meet her.

Maggie 1

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