Pets as Personal Trainers

We all know that allowing our pets to get exercise is important. But did you know they can do more than just play fetch? 

dog with ball

Pets also make excellent personal trainers and coaches!

But be careful, they’re tough trainers. They definitely won’t let you slack off!


dog plank


And this isn’t just for dogs…cats make excellent trainers! They’ll dig in their claws if your form isn’t perfect.

cat pushup

They’ll even show you how to do the exercise:

cat on bosu ball


But don’t worry, they know that rest is an important part of your exercise routine:

yoda and weights

Doggy BNB: Social Network for Pets and Owners

Summer is a great time to take a vacation or a quick weekend getaway. But it can be challenging to tie up all loose ends: take time off of work, ask a neighbor to pick up your mail, eat up the food in the fridge and make plans for the care of your pets. Oftentimes you can rely on friends or family to take care of your pets, but it can still be challenging for many. You want someone you can trust!

doggy bnb (source)

That is where Doggy BNB comes in. Doggy BNB is a social network for pets and owners. Use the app to find boarders, dog walkers, pet watchers or even other pets to play with.

doggy bnb 2 (source)

Simply build up your network of Buddies or Boarders and then send out a “Woof” to make a pet care request.

Don’t have a dog? That’s ok! Doggy BNB also works for cats, rabbits and many other pets.

Doggy BNB is free to download on your iPhone and will be available on Android soon.