Gifts for New Pet Owners

Written by: Holly, A Pet’s Life

New pet gifts

Getting a new pet is such an exciting time. It makes sense to want to send a gift to someone who recently became a new pet owner.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Personalized Pet Collar Tag

2. Personalized Food or Water Bowl – sorry, no longer available!

3. Personalized Photo Frame 

4. Personalized Leash Holder (perfect for new dog owners!)

5. Personalized Pet Accessory Chest (perfect for smaller pets with small toys, treats, etc.)

6. A Gift Card to purchase pet foods, toys or supplies.


5 Reasons Why Pets Are Not Good At Hide-And-Seek

Written by: Holly, A Pet’s Life

I doubt anyone has ever tried to play Hide-And-Seek with their pets, and with good reason!

5 Reasons Why Pets Are Not Good At Hide-And-Seek

1. “I can’t see you, so you can’t see me.” I remember being very young and attempting to play hide-and-seek with my sisters. I made the mistake of thinking if I close my eyes the seeker won’t be able to find me! Epic fail.

Dog laying with head under furniture

(photo source)

2. “I’m squished, so this must mean I am in a good hiding spot.” This is not always the case! Check out my boy Yoda below in an incredibly poor hiding spot.

brown tabby cat sitting in shoe box

3. “Hiding behind the curtains is the best place!” This is a rookie move – yes the curtains may look like a good location to hide, but it is often the first place for the seeker to look. It doesn’t help when you aren’t totally behind the curtains either…

dog with head under curtains

(photo source)

Another example of a curtain/window blind fail:

long hair brown tabby cat behind window blinds

4. Making too much noise! Even the best hiding spot is useless if you can’t keep quiet. Buddy (below) likes to chew on everything, so you can hear him no matter where he is!

short hair brown tabby biting on beer box

5. They love us too much! Why bother hiding when you could be snuggling or playing? :)

3 cats sitting on man's lap

large and small dog both holding the same stick

(photo source)

Sleeping Kitties

Compiled by: Holly, A Pet’s Life®

Is there a better way to celebrate Wordless Wednesday than with pictures of sleeping kitties? I don’t think so.

Brown tabby asleep on the couch

My boy Sheldon!

kitten sleeping  (photo source)

White and black cat asleep under bed covers (photo source)

Mama cat sleeping with kittens

(photo source)

Orange tabby cuddling with teddy bear

(photo source)

Kitten sleeping in doll bed

(photo source)

white cat sleeping on railing

(photo source)

orange tabby sleeping

(photo source)

grey kitten sleeping in a stack of bath towels

(photo source)

kitten sleeping on sheets

(photo source)

Enjoy your Wednesday!