Piper the One-eyed Painting Bulldog

Over the weekend, we learned about Piper, the one-eyed English Bulldog who loves to paint!

Piper was adopted by Jessica Stone, an abstract painter in Texas. Piper’s biography on her website explains how she picked up painting:

Last year, I discovered my talent for painting.  Mom is an abstract painter and I love to watch her paint.  A light went off in my head that I too could paint.  Mom helped me explore my natural talents and find my voice.  I’m a self-taught artist who hasn’t had a single lesson.

Piper’s paintings and photos are available in her Etsy shop. The sales of her artwork benefit the San Antonio Bulldog Rescue, other rescue organizations and Piper’s medical costs.

One of Piper’s many paintings

Many photos of Piper, her reproduction prints, wardrobe accessories and paintbrushes have been donated over the years to raise money for the SABR and other rescue organizations.

We fell in love with Piper’s sweet face and heartwarming story. Thanks to Jessica for permission to post her photographs as well.

Keep in touch with Piper:

A Pet’s Life

Dogs Have Feelings Too [Mourning Dog in Savannah Cemetery]

Fifteen-year-old Hunter Cone was walking through Laurel Grove North Cemetery in Savannah, GA earlier this month when he spotted something special: a dog laying with her deceased puppy.

mourning dog 1.19

(photo source: Hunter Douglas Cone / For the Savannah Morning News)

Hunter and his mother tried to bring food and water to the stray dog, but she wouldn’t let anyone near her. The following day they saw that the puppy had been buried and the mother dog was still sitting near the puppy.

Now the dog is no longer at the cemetery, and the community is trying to find her and help her. They assume there are other puppies she is caring for.

Because of laws in the area, a local rescue group can only take control of the stray dog after Animal Control takes her in. Unfortunately there are too few Animal Control officers in the area and they could not respond in a timely fashion.

Hopefully the mother dog shows up soon.

Source: http://savannahnow.com/news/2015-01-08/photographer-trying-save-mourning-dog-savannah-cemetery

Dog Photos for Anthony

If you spend time on Facebook, chances are that you have seen the event “Photo Doggies for Anthony”. I noticed it a few days ago when a bunch of my friends were posting pictures of their dogs to this event.

1.12 Photos for Anthony

(My sister’s dog Pugsly!)

The “event” really isn’t an event – individuals are posting pictures of their dogs for Anthony, a 16 year boy undergoing chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. He is an animal lover and enjoys the pictures of pets and kind words from people around the globe. Over 500,000 photos of dogs have been uploaded to this event!

If you have a dog, I urge you to send the photo to Anthony to bring some much needed joy into his and his family’s lives.

photos for anthony

Photo Doggies for Anthony